NFC Gaming: A new type or genre of gaming.


Ever thought of playing games with physical objects using your Mobile phone? Nokia Beta Labs has come up with a small set of games representing the idea from Nokia Research Center. The NFC-Enabled Games. The games Nokia Beta Labs has just released are just simple and casual which will run on any Symbian device having NFC chip in hardware. Nokia C7 and many newer Symbian Belle devices will be able to run these games.

Developing and shipping these games to NFC-Enabled devices, Nokia Research Center meant to describe the idea of gaming with NFC. To show that how NFC can be a useful medium to open path between mobile games and tangible objects or to interact with real world physical games e.g. card games or board games.

BetaLabs: With the arrival of Nokia’s new NFC-enabled phones, we have released a suite of casual games, developed at Nokia Research Center, to demonstrate how NFC opens up a whole new category of mobile games not possible before. These “tangible” mobile games let you and your friends play with physical objects in the real world, and bring the natural and social fun of traditional family and party games into mobile gaming.


Nokia Beta Labs: At Nokia Research Center, we are using NFC to open up a whole new category of mobile games not possible before – tangible mobile games.

These games let you play with physical objects in the real world. They bring back the fun of playing traditional family and party games, where you can hold, shuffle, and trade objects, play face-to-face with other players, and even make up new game rules with your friends.




Note: You can play these games today with any Nokia Symbian NFC-enabled phone (i.e., a Nokia C7-00, C7 Astound, 600, 603, 700, or 701), and a few NFC tags.

Download and try yourself

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