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Battery Usage: A Complete Battery Monitor for Nokia N9

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We have covered a lot about Nokia N9 till now. While using N9 the Battery Usage is the application which really helped monitoring the battery consumption of the device. What could be better than delivering the best detailed information about the device’s power consumption free of cost?

“Battery Usage” is free and full of features to tell every bit of the power consumption and the battery status.

In a categorised way, the information is provided for the consumption of commonly desired items a user will want to know e.g. the percentage of total power consumption when the device was idle, or estimated time of usage.

Estimated time of usage is then again categorised into two parts, first the usage time is estimated if the device stay active and second the estimated time for idle device when device stays inactive

Additionally a it also shows current display settings to let you know about the system display.

Then going through details you are provided application based information to tell which application consumed how much power since the last recharge which once again tells the detailed consumption of power by the selected application that how much it consumed while running on foreground and how much while it was on background. Along with the total duration this information is really useful to be informed about your device’s power consumption.

As you can see in following two screens you can see 7% of total power was consumed in 1 hour and 27 minutes since last recharge. While the drill-down detail shows Conversations used 58% of total and others as 21%, 7%, 5% and so on. Then the detail about Conversions application. In fact hardware level detail is provided as Processor used that much of percentage and Display used that much.

What made me excited about this application was that it doesn’t only tells the past or future usage but using the information in well mannered way it also compares the current information of usage with the past information and instantly prompts/alerts about any unusual change in the power consumption which needs your attention.

So ready to download it now?

Do it. Download Battery Usage from Nokia Store.


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