Nokia N9 Finally Overclocked? – Jumps to 1.1GHz


Nokia N9 seems to get more clock speed:
Jumps from 1GHz to 1.1GHz


Hardcore users of any device whether it’s big or small. It’s computer or even a mobile phone. They just want it to do a bit more than what it is originally designed for. Overclocking is very common in computers and even Android powered devices have also been overclocked. Nokia N900 is an older device from Nokia that was overclocked to run its CPU at up to Gigahertz. Now it seems that Nokia N9 has been under consideration of the community for being overclocked.

Well known Maemo community which is also hosting content for new MeeGo platform, has shown a booster light speeding out of Nokia N9. The thread has published a set of instructions and claims to have Nokia N9 running at 1.1GHz. Well it’s not a big jump from original 1GHz of the MeeGo powered device but if it’s true and keeps the device running stable after overclocking then there may be ongoing attempts to take it even higher from 1.1GHz.

I believe if you are an interested overclocker and own a Nokia N9, you probably are thinking to see what it is. What are you waiting for? Go on to the source below.


[source Maemo Talk]

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