Public beta release of Wazapp – an unofficial “WhatsApp” client – for Nokia N9


“Wazapp” for Nokia N9:
An unofficial “WhatsApp| client for MeeGo OS

A most popular instant messaging app “WhatsApp” does have versions for various mobile platforms leaving Nokia N9. But the MeeGo community users didn’t hold on requesting the app or starting petitions to show the demand of the app and instead has brought an unofficial application named “Wazapp” for Nokia N9. Being on initial state, Wazapp serves not each and every function but they are supposed to be upcoming in future updates.

Currently in beta version 0.1.8, Wazapp supports running in background and keep the notifications as normal – you can shut it down if you want, Group messaging is supported partially as you can not create new groups, change your name (pushname),

Following features are currently not supported and are supposed to appear in future,

  • Fully functional group conversations
  • Sending and receiving Media
  • Sending emoji
  • Blocking/unblocking

There are as well a few known issues or limitations as you can not swipe on splash screen, auto registrations of code doesn’t always work, notifications would stay if you don’t tap on it, max length of chat items text is fixed to the length as calculated on initial orientation of the devices, duplicate messages are being not blocked, chat bubbles won’t scroll correctly on virtual keyboard.

Do you own a legendary Nokia N9? If you do then you sure will want this app on your device. Go ahead and download it from the developer’s page here.


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