Nokia Suite 3.5.14 beta update – Now Supports Nokia N9 [Features Updated]


Nokia Beta Labs has recently released new beta version of Nokia Suite that is now version 3.5.14 and supports Nokia N9 in addition to previous Symbian devices. Nokia N9 initially was not supported to work with Nokia’s long running PC software and rather brought its own Nokia Link software for Windows and Mac to sync content between computer and Nokia N9. Now if you have a complete suite of Nokia to work with other devices, add Nokia N9 into the list.

* Update: 21-06-2012: “Features not supported” section added, check below. Also read a note about contact syncing with Mail for Exchange.

Current version of Nokia Suite can copy content between your Nokia N9 and your computer just like Nokia Link used to do.

New functionality in 3.5 release:

  • Copy content between your Nokia N9 and your computer
  • Get important improvements and fixes for many problems

Features not supported with Nokia N9

Nokia N9 is not currently supported with all of the features that Nokia Suite has for Symbian devices since long. However as mentioned by Nokia Beta Labs staff member “saylinen” in user discussion the features that are currently not available for Nokia N9 are

  • MMS sync
  • contact group sync
  • Application Installation
  • Nokia Store view in Nokia Suite not offering Application Installations.

Features like SMS Sync, Contacts Sync etc. and a few of other features that Nokia Suite provides with Symbian, should work fine with Nokia N9. If you have any trouble using it with Nokia N9 you should read or raise a query at Nokia Beta Labs discussion board.


Mail for Exchange Syncing Conflict

If you’re using Mail for Exchange to sync contacts to Nokia N9 from Exchange server, Nokia Suite can’t view or edit those contacts. This is a feature and unfortunately, cannot be changed.


Download Nokia Suite 3.5.14


[source: Nokia Beta Labs]

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