MOLOME for Windows Phone – Teaser Continues

molome for windows phone
molome for windows phone

Instagram like photo sharing and social networking service, MOLOME, having covered almost all major mobile operating systems with an app, has been teasing for its upcoming release of the app for Windows Phone. Last month the founder of MOLOME shared a picture with Nokia Lumia running MOLOME – after meeting with Stephen Elop.

Today the service once again teased with a picture showing Windows logo and the MOLOME graphics in it.

The service is not as much popular as Instagram is, but for many others it’s a lot better having more features over Instagram since the day first. At first MOLOME was only available for Symbian and then MeeGo smartphones and had gained fairly good popularity. Later it also expanded to support BlackBerry, iOS and Android while Instagram only supports iOS and Android.

It’s yet to see when MOLOME is going to show off to Windows Phone community to cover one more mobile platform.

source: molome

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