41MP Camera Review: Nokia Lumia 1020 PureView, Sample Pictures and Videos


Post Editing and DNG Raw Support

Recompose or Reframe:

One of the beautiful things is the possibility of re-composition of the shots you have already taken. A photo captured with Nokia Camera can be opened instantly after taking it or later to reframe or rotate the photo as you wish. Reframing also provides easy access to recompose the picture on four standard aspect ratios including 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 or 1:1(square)

Option to reframe photos becomes available only if you are shooting in full resolution of the sensor “JPEG (5 MP + 38 MP)” for 4:3 aspect ratio or “JPEG (5 MP + 34 MP)” for 16:9 aspect ratio. Other 5MP mode or DNG (Raw) mode won’t give the reframing option.

Reframing or rotating would save 5 MP file while reserving the full resolution file intact for later reframing or rotating.

The option is cool actually when you zoom into some object in live camera view which capture the zoomed in photo in 5 MP file to share away, that’s the view which opens in Nokia Camera for reframing. If you feel you have zoomed too much, you can just open the photo in Nokia Camera and zoom out.

That’s what Nokia Camera does while shooting a photo in 5 MP mode along with full 38 MP resolution. Any interaction with zooming on live camera view is only performed on 5 MP file while the 38 MP image is captured in the full field of view (without any zoom). That means even after you have shot a zoomed-in photo, you can zoom-out later.

There is a need to mention that when zooming in on live camera view, it may effect the contrast, white balance, ISO sensitivity and shutter speeds according to the zoomed-in view field. For example if you take one shot without zooming in on tree like above with full bright sun shine, the exposure will be adjusted to the bright light on the sky with faster shutter speed and lower ISO. The second shot with zooming into tree fully will avoid any background light and the exposure will be adjusted to have a clear view of tree. When you reframe and zoom-out this photo, you will see that the sky on the background will be overexposed. That’s because the exposure was set on the tree.

Above shots were taken at the same time, one after another. The left two pictures were taken by Nokia Camera without zooming into tree, 5 MP for sharing and 38 MP high resolution for later use. Now look at the other two shots on the right. This picture was shot with zooming into maximum available zoom 2.75 (although not mentioned on the screen). You can see nicely exposed tree as it was in real with the bright sun light. Reframing such an image to zoom-out will give you over exposed sky on the back ground as shown in the 38 MP image on right.

Now look at the following picture after reframing/zooming-in the above left photo in post-capture Nokia Camera. Beside the picture on right is same as above shown zoomed-in, pre-capture. You will see the difference of both.

Actual Resolutions (left) no zoom during live camera view [5MP no zoom, 38MP no zoom, 5MP-Reframed]
Actual Resolutions (right) with zoomed-in at live view [
5MP zoomed-in, 38MP no zoom]

DNG/Raw Image:

For photography enthusiasts, the Nokia Lumia 1020 provides support of Raw images for post processing. Lumia 1020 was initially released without this support but recent software upgrade “Lumia Black” brings not only camera improvements but also brings support of Raw images with DNG file format. Nokia Conversations has published DNG color profiles for Adobe Lightroom.

Well for end users, there is nothing to tell more about it in detail but for your knowledge, Most DSLRs produce image files in Raw format (uncompressed) that’s not actually a usable image file. It requires to be processed by your computer with a special software e.g. Adobe Lightroom with extensive raw image processing functions or Photoshop for basic processing. Whereas .DNG is Adobe’s digital negative format, most Camera/DSLR manufacturers produce their own proprietary Raw file formats (Nikon’s .NEF, Canon’s .CRW/CR2 etc ). Nokia chose .DNG for its Raw file format.

An uncompressed Raw file size in megabytes typically be equal to the megapixels on the image sensor. Nokia Lumia 1020 produces ~41 MB .DNG (Raw file) that is complete lossless data from the camera’s sensor on the smartphone.

You must give a try playing with it.

Nokia Smart Cam and Other Lenses

Nokia Smart Cam takes burst shots in sequence and presents you with the 5 functions to edit, improve, enhance and professionalize the final image. The functions include “Best Shot”, “Action Shot”, “Motion Focus”, “Change Faces” and “Remove Moving Objects”.

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