Use your Infinix Hot Note X551 as a Power Bank


It should not like a surprise to many but for some, it may be. If you are the owner of the Infinix Hot Note X551, then you should know that you have a power bank in your phone and can use it to charge other phones of your fellows.

I assume that you have gone through our detailed review of Infinix Hot Note X551 and you must know that your phone has a giant battery with 4000mAh capacity. While it can stay alive for days with one full charge on standard usage, it can also help you share its battery power to other phones.

If you have already seen a phone providing a power source to another, you might have knowledge how would you do that. But if you do not, it’s USB On-The-Go feature in the smartphones which will help you use the Infinix Hot Note as power bank to charge other devices.


USB OTG adapter cable provides interfaces to connect one end to the host device and the other end to standard USB device such as a flash memory device, digital camera, mouse or a keyboard. Yes! you can connect all these (one at a time) to any Android phone or other which have the USB OTG feature enabled. But here we are talking about a phone having a lot of battery capacity to charge other devices.

You just need to get that USB OTG adapter cable and connect the micro USB side to your Infinix Hot Note. Then connect the other end to a standard USB cable which can then be connected through its micro USB to a device you want to charge.

That’s it! you have your Infinix Hot Note Power Bank started.

Note: Any phone with the USB OTG feature may also charge other devices but they have to have a lot of battery capacity so that after sharing its charge, it must have almost half of it to be useful.

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