infltr – Infinite Filters: apply over 5 million filters before taking a shot


We have seen camera apps on smartphones which specially serve with the filters to apply over the pictures you have taken. infltr – infinite filters is a recently launched app that allows you to try filters before you capture a moment.

“infltr” is a new camera app available on the App Store. The name infltr is short for “infinite filters”. The app allows the users apply a filter from 5.1 million filters to their images before actually taking the picture. Interestingly the app has already took the first place in paid apps on the App Store.

User can chance filters using touch and without the need for preset filters or post production. infltr claims that their patent-pending technology is a seismic change in mobile photography.


infltr app is currently available on App Store for iOS 7 and above devices (iPhone, iPad) only in English, French, Dutch and Spanish languages. Android users should be grateful too as n Android version of the app is also in pipeline according to @infltr_app.

Download Infltr App

Download Infltr app from here It’s a paid app for $1.49.

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