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Parody Ad making fun of MacBook Pro 2016 for everything it lacks

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Apple revealed its latest MacBook Pro last week. Unlike before Apple didn’t receive as much appreciations due to the expectations people had. Let alone the impact Microsoft put just another few days ago with its Surface Book i7 and Surface Studio PC.

The major elements of the Apple MacBook Pro were maximum of 16GB of RAM, Intel Core i7 processor and prominent second display as “Touch Bar” which in fact didn’t impress many specifically the power users.

Most of the talks over the web were about what Apple removed from its new MacBook Pro. They mostly are the ports. It offered only one port USB-C for all kind of stuff with respective adapter attachments, dongles and accessories.

So what lets the fun makers stay away from such an incredible reaction from consumers? sure nothing. One such YouTuber has published a video parody made up from another Google advertisement to present everything the new MacBook Pro lacks.

MacBook Pro Parody Ad

You would instantly get that the above parody video is actually a Google Pixel ad that was recreated with Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016 replacing the Google phone and the inverse dialogues taunting the Apple innovations which are really important to some within the Apple community but doesn’t seem to be a kind of innovation for many out there.

Original Google Pixel Ad

Do you have any kind of hate towards Apple in that way? or you want to defend a company which is currently the most popular among thousands in the world? Do tell us in the comments below.

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