Black Friday Deals Started as Early as Week before in Pakistan


OpinionNo matter what roots something belongs to, everything in Pakistan can be done in many different ways and that factor has also influenced the promotional campaigns like Black Friday. Globally popular sales day, that is known to occur at the last Friday of November every year, has partially started already in Pakistan by an online retailer Yayvo and their payment collector JazzCash.

In pursuit of taking higher traffic of customers, online retailers have decided to go live with Black Friday deals earlier than 25th November. Some have already started where some are set to go live early.

Yayvo and JazzCash with their discount offers on various categories have went live past Friday and are set to remain active (one category per day) until Thursday. Following when all the discount offers given through this week will go live at once and remain active until Black Friday ends. On the other hand and Zong set to launch PRE-SALE tomorrow exclusively for their smartphone app users. That is – the customers visiting the store via the smartphone app will have early access to the deals.

This could be a good attempt by the retailer to go one step ahead of other rivals in the country while changing the concept of Black Friday. But no wonder it’s all about giving discounts to the customers and to get benefit as much can be. There is no rule of doing so only one specific day as on the other hand it’s not mere Black Friday in Pakistan when malls or markets offer discounts to customers. Mostly have their own seasons where commonly attributed one is the clearance sale.

Where and Yayvo are offering discounts of up to 80% on products from all categories, both the retailers offer additional discounts when customers buy with Easypay and JazzCash respectively. You can find even more details at our exclusive article about Black Friday and the Retailers in Pakistan.

Sure this might help retailers gaining most of the customers from competition, we believe a customer should look for the best deals among all online retailers where one of them is which we already have said being an affiliate partner of Tech Prolonged. If you find better deals at, we recommend buying from them as this will help Tech Prolonged financially to keep our readers up to date with every bit of feed they need.

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