Where to buy iPhone 7 in Pakistan, Don’t Get Scammed


Ufone, Warid, Telenor and Mobilink have already started selling iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in Pakistan while taking pre-orders

While a list of vendors with the links is provided after the break, there are other channels where you can buy iPhone 7 in Pakistan which also include installment plans but you must read below to know here is best to buy your next iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone smartphone has been selling in Pakistan by various means, even before when first iPhone 6 models were officially launched in Pakistan in 2014 by mobile operators. Those unofficial channels are still in effect and selling not only iPhone but also other smartphones which often launch later or never launch at all in Pakistan.

So with their exclusive import mediums and sources they charge their own prices which usually are higher (much higher) than they are supposed to be. Mostly the customers with big pockets think to buy those smartphones in pursuit of being an early bird in their community. Now when iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are just around to be officially available in the country, those unofficial sellers have cut down their prices as much as to match the official prices announced recently.

Catch point is that, some of them even have dropped their prices a little lower than official prices to attract customers but you must note that those imported smartphones are come with no warranty at all or some non-official warranties. “You pay for the iPhone, get it, and get lost with it! ” This might be the case with many unofficial sources. All depends on their reputation of business.

It’s you, who choose to spend your money in whatever way you want but make sure what are you buying. Here I am going to help just in that regard. Different sellers and prices are listed below from where you can currently buy iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. You must know and make sure they come with at least one year warranty (official recommended). But if you get lower price including warranty then sure you may go for it considering the seller’s reputation.

Reseller iPhone 7
(Base Prices)
iPhone 7 Plus
(Base Price)
Future Tech PKR. 85,499/- (*) PKR. 100,899/- (*)
Daraz PKR. 85,499/- (*) PKR. 100,899/- (*)
Standard Chartered (Installments)
0% up to 12 months
PKR 87,400/- (*) PKR 103,100/- (*)
UBL (Installments)
0% up to 6 months
PKR 87,400/- (*) PKR 103,100/- (*)
Ufone PKR. 85,499/- (*) PKR. 100,899/- (*)
Telenor PKR. 85,499/- (*) PKR. 100,899/- (*)
Warid PKR. 85,499/- (*) PKR. 100,899/- (*)
Mobilink PKR. 85,499/- (*) PKR. 100,899/- (*)
Home Shopping.pk
(HSN Warranty/non-official)
PKR. 79,990/- PKR. 99,990/-
(7 days check warranty)
PKR. 80,599/- PKR. 99,999/-
Shophive.com (no warranty listed) PKR. 85,499/- (*) PKR. 100,899/- (*)
iShopping.pk (confused)
(official (^) and non warranties)
PKR. 84,999/- (^)
PKR. 78,999/-
PKR. 99,899/- (^)
PKR. 99,499/-
Mega.pk (no warranty listed) PKR. 81,999/- PKR. 99,999/-

I have tried my best to differentiate the prices to easily understand which platform is suitable to go with. Simply black bolds are the official partners with Apple but (*) tag is used to represent the official price value as also tagged with unofficial sellers offering same price. Red bolds are not recommended to go with as these are not listed with any kind of suitable warranty. Green bold is only one which also is not official listing but the seller is providing its own warranty for much lower price than official.

You can now decide better which you can go with, however we only recommend the official partners to buy from. If you have got UBL or SCB credit card with eligible credit on your card, you must avail the installment offers from the respective card issuers. On the other hand, you can buy from mobile operators which sure will give you free limited 3G/4G internet for a few months.

Do let us know if this could help a bit in your buying decision.

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