#GoLive on Twitter, with Live Video Streaming right from the Twitter App


With a recent announcement, Twitter has finally brought live video streaming into its micro blogging platform via iOS and Android devices with its Twitter app. Starting today, users will be able to use the feature after updating the Twitter app.

Previously Twitter had allowed its users to go live on Twitter through Periscope app on March 2015. With that update you needed to tap on the Periscope button within Twitter that took you to download the Periscope app and use its viewfinder for live video. Since then keeping it like that for around two years, now when Facebook is getting aggressive with live video features including live 360-degree pushing to its social network, Twitter has finally integrated the live video broadcasting feature into the Twitter app itself.

Now users’ do not require to download and install Periscope app as the feature has been fully integrated in the Twitter app.

How to broadcast live on Twitter?

To start broadcasting live, just hit “new tweet” button on the corner then tap the big “LIVE” button, which will bring up the viewfinder with a little few options. Once you’re ready, hit the big red “Go Live” button at the bottom of the viewfinder. Read more!

Note: After updating Twitter app, if you find yourself stuck with the requirement of using Periscope app, then try going to Settings > Apps > Twitter and Clear app data and cache.

Just like facebook’s live video broadcasting, during a video broadcast on twitter, viewers (the Twitter users who are watching you live) can interact with you by sending comments and hearts.

A little overview with Periscope

It’s worth mentioning that in January 2015, Twitter quietly acquired the live video streaming startup Periscope even before its launch – letting none on the earth know about it officially and later introduced Periscope as its own product in March 2015 when the company first announced its independent live video service.

It now prompts a question that what will be the future of Periscope as an independent service? Does Twitter has plans to shut it down? like previously it has done with a video sharing platform, Vine after acquiring it.

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