Twitter warns users about security vulnerability – Update your Android App Now


If you are using Twitter app on an Android phone, update your app right away.

That’s what Twitter has advised its users via email notification, a tweet and a blog post. The company informed its users about a recent vulnerability it has found and fixed in the latest update of the Twitter app on Android platform.

Twitter, in a recent email notifications, said that it has fixed an issue that the company believes was not exploited by any third party. However, with no complete surety about, the company informed its users so they could promptly update their Twitter apps to prevent from any damage.

The company further explained, in a blog post, that the vulnerability could allow the bad guys to see “private” account information as well as take control of the account. They could even send Tweets and Direct Messages from a compromised account, said the company.

With all that easy information for users, the company also told that it was a bit complicated for anyone to gain control. Prior to the fix, the company said, the process would involve the insertion of malicious code into restricted storage areas of Twitter app. It was pretty much possible for hackers to access information such as direct messages, protected tweets, and location information.

Twitter included in the blog post that it is notifying users who could have been exposed to this vulnerability through email notification or directly through the Twitter app. So, whether you get that notification or not, better download the latest version of the Twitter app on your Android phone.

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