Facebook pushing itself into Media, Introduces Journalism Project


Facebook is already one of the largest platform and information distributors where millions of stories run through it in front of its users. Following the footprints in last year as the social network has been so active with many things, it continues implementing new strategies and features to make its role prominent into media.

Facebook’s new “Journalism Project” is an initiative intended to establish stronger ties with news and media industry. With the program, Facebook will collaborate with news organisations to develop and improve its products while learning from journalists to better deliver the stories over to its users.

The project is supposed to work with collaborative development of news products, and training & tools for both the journalists and everyone. This will include new storytelling formats that include Live videos, 360 degree videos, Instant Articles, etc. Facebook will be making its content delivery system according to what partner editors suggest.

The new program will be improved on local news as well as conclude emerging business model that will allow Facebook users to subscribe to their partner news site with free trials right from within the Instant Articles.

Facebook will be conducing e-learning courses for journalists to train them with its products, services and tools. The social network will also partner with Poynter to launch a certification program for journalists in coming months. Facebook already has newsroom training previously in that regard.

In pursuit of fighting fake news, Facebook also will be providing training and tools for people to help them make right choices about the news they read on the platform. For that Facebook will be partnering with the educators and researchers.

Facebook has already been working to reduce the spread of fake news on its social network which include the ways for people to easily report as fake as well as disrupting the financial incentives with the hoax news providers.

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