Project Valerie – Razer’s Laptop has three displays; But do you really need it?


Razer – the gaming PC maker has unveiled a concept design of a laptop that doesn’t have one but three screen, each of which is 4K resolution making a whopping 11,520 x 2160 pixels.

According to the claims, the company has made, Project Valerie is the world’s first laptop which is portable with three displays that are automated as well. The laptop opens just like any other laptop with one display. The other two monitors slide out from each sides of the main monitor.

The display on each monitor is 17.3″ diagonal serving at 4K resolution of 3840×2160. With the combined force the laptop offers a really wider resolution of 11,520 x2160 pixels which is natively supported by NVIDA Surround Technology that already supports expanding your gaming experience by up to five displays at once with compatible GPU.

Weighing 12 pounds (~5.4 kg), the concept laptop is 1.5 inch thick – when folded and closed down. According to the makers, this laptop is comparable to most gaming laptops which usually are thicker than common home and office laptops.

More importantly the Razer’s laptop uses JST’s IGZO display technology for its LCD panels which is not so common but have been praised for its reliability of being used by either LCD or OLED displays. Also have been in rumors to be used by Apple in its iPad or MacBook displays.

Also note that Project Valerie is still in its prototype form and the company has not slated any specific date for its availability in the markets. Neither the company has suggested about its price.

Additionally, this three faced laptop isn’t alone at the CES 2017 in its category, Acer announced Predator 21 X – an out of the world gaming laptop which is too large to be a laptop with 21-inch curved LCD display. Lenovo also announced its own sub-brand Legion with two introductory gaming laptops.


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