Acer Holo 360 is a VR camera with integrated 4G/LTE Android phone

Acer Holo 360 VR Camera

Acer launched a variety of devices in New York City, ranging from laptops to the projectors. Among them, was a VR camera called – Acer Holo 360.

We have seen a bunch of adapting VR cameras that connect to your smartphone to record videos and store on to the phone. The Holo 360 from Acer, as obvious, records 360-degree videos but interestingly features an on-board Android OS and has an integrated WiFi and 4G/LTE connectivity.

If you are thinking if this Holo 360 will need another smartphone to connect, then you are wrong. Holo 360 is supposed to work independently as a standalone camera which can capture 360 degree videos and photos and doesn’t require another smartphone to work. In addition, it will be able to use built-in wireless and broadband connectivity features to upload your 360-degree content on social networks.

Much like an Android smartphone, the Holo 360 will have its own user interface which is not known yet, but has touch screen to navigate through the system and operate the camera.

What you will not gather today, is the more detail about Holo 360 camera as Acer has not disclosed any. The company just announced the device as it might be in development yet and didn’t release any specific details about the hardware, this camera will use. Neither, there is any information what Android version it will be running on and what features, in addition to the camera and connectivity, it will have.

Sure, the main purpose of the Holo 360 would be to record 360-degree content, it will be nice to have standard voice calling and texting features in addition to internet connectivity.

We’ll update you once more detail comes through. Until then you can give your feedback below, if you think you can use such a device as your primary smartphone in current age?

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