iPhone 8 design is here in its most clearest and closest possible form

iPhone 8 Most Clearest and Closest Design

iPhone 8 has been one of the most hyped smartphone before its release. Since iPhone 8 leaks started flowing rapidly in months before its release, the supposed and leaked designs are getting more clearer which one would believe to be closer to real thing.

What could be a better phone design than something that is prepared right from a computer aided design leaked from manufacturing factory responsible for building that phone? Sure this could not exactly be the same thing that you should be waiting for some final product.

The four-minute video clip (courtesy @OnLeaks / Tiger Mobiles) below shows the most clearest and closest possible form of upcoming iPhone 8 which you’d have rarely seen. The video showcases a phone design allegedly manufactured via CNC process “based upon 3D CAD sourced directly from the factory in charge of building the new iPhone.” So one thing is clear, it’s not an actual iPhone 8 but a really well made dummy based on what’s claimed to be official Apple iPhone 8 design.

Even though design well matches the line of previously launched iPhone devices till date, It is also believed that the details may change upon official launch later in September or October.

Looking closely, the above mock-up of iPhone 8 has all those elements which have previously appeared in leaks and rumors. One of which is the vertical arrangement of dual-camera on the back and a fully covered OLED display from top to bottom edge. Whereas the top of the screen has cutout portion through the display which will serve with earpiece, a front camera and other sensors.

Unofficial iPhone 8 Render based on Official Apple’s 3D CAD – Courtesy @OnLeaks / Tiger Mobiles

The camera hump on the back is pretty much obvious and makes the thickness of alleged iPhone 8 from 7.5mm to 9.1mm. It’s shorter and narrower than iPhone 7 Plus in size as well as there is no physical fingerprint scanner is present on this dummy iPhone 8. If it’s exactly true to the real iPhone 8 or iPhone X out there, should we expect an under-display fingerprint scanner?

We’ll see all that when the iPhone 8 will launch along side the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, expected in September. There is yet no evidence if Apple has plans to launch all these devices at once or there will be a time frame between launches.

Until you see the original iPhone 8 – due later this year, take all these leaks and rumors with a pinch of salt. You can leave your feedback in the comments below to tell what do you think about this design of iPhone 8 which is widely being accepted to be the final.

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