Galaxy Note 8 to ship with original smartphone case in retail package

Ghostek Case Galaxy Note 8

Recent rumors suggest that Samsung Electronics has plans to add an original smartphone case within the retail package of Galaxy Note 8 – to be announced on later this month.

This will be very first time that the Korean smartphone maker would add such an add-on accessory along with the smartphone sales package. This will indeed help customers save some money on additional expenses to secure their purchases, however at the same, it’s alarming for small and medium accessory manufacturers.

Be noted that, only once previously, Samsung added an original case with the limited edition of 400,000 refurbished Galaxy Note 7 (Galaxy Note FEs) which were released just last month.

As reported, the smartphone case with Galaxy Note 8 is made with transparent plastic that covers the rear side and the edges of the Note 8. This may hint in someway that it’s the mostly used in-package silicon/plastic smartphone cover. Frankly, it’s the smartphone cover that is rarely used by customers who prefer to opt for more usable smart covers with their high-end devices. Still, if it’s true to some extent, this is going to hurt the accessory makers with basic smartphone case in large volumes.

According to report, at least 10 million original smartphone cases for Galaxy Note 8 will be manufactured by South Korean accessory makers. “Manufacturing of original cases for Galaxy Note 8 is in charge by 3 to 4 South Korean Smartphone accessory makers.” – cited ET News,

“Considering that this case will cost somewhere between $17.7 and $26.55” – a mobile network provider representative told ET News. On the other hand, considering the 60% of entire high-end smartphone cases market bound to ship for Samsung premium devices, it’s going to impact on a wide range of small and medium accessory makers.

On a side note, Samsung is reported to exclude the shipments in US, Europe and Russia for inclusion of add-on cases.

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