Samsung Galaxy Note 9 couldn’t beat Huawei P20 Pro on DxOMarks’s list

Galaxy Note 9 DxOMark

Probably first time it is, that a flagship phone from Samsung couldn’t beat the top standing rival in DxOMark’s camera ranking. Huawei P20 Pro keeps its top spot on the list as the recently launched Galaxy Note 9 failed to impress the camera experts as did the P20 Pro.

Receiving the overall score of 103, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 occupies the second spot on the DxOMark camera smartphone ranking. The Note 9 shares the space with HTC U12+ which is already standing there for a few months. Both the phones follow Huawei’s P20 Pro on top with the overall score of 109 since its release earlier this year.

Galaxy Note 9 Camera Features

Before you go down and check the scores, let’s take look at the major features of Galaxy Note 9. The latest Samsung flagship phone comes with a dual-camera setup. The primary 12MP camera packs with a 1/2.55″ type sensor that is dual-pixel PDAF. This unit also features f/1.5-2.4 variable-aperture lens. The secondary 12MP unit has a smaller 1/3.6″ type sensor (autofocus) with f/2.4 aperture lens.

Both the cameras feature optical stabilization (OIS). The camera is supported by a single LED flash and can record up to 4K videos at up to 60fps.

You might want to know that the Note 9 has the same camera as did Galaxy S9+ but the Note 9 has bundled with improved camera software and processing algorithms.

If you didn’t know the most recent DxOMark’s method involves two main categories – still photo and video. Then they further drill-down to photography elements in each category. Galaxy Note 9 could gain the score of 107 in photo category while its score was 94 in video category.

See below the screengrab from DxOMark’s review for drilled-down scores for each element in both, photo and video category.

Galaxy Note 9 DxOMark
Galaxy Note 9 Scores – Screengrab from DxOMark’s Review

Still Photos Performance

With respect to photography, the camera experts have noted that Galaxy Note 9 had fast and accurate autofocus system indoor or outdoor. Dynamic range was wider in most conditions during the tests, while the detail and noise reduction was good. Colors was vivid and pleasant according to them. Galaxy Note 9 also retained good detail up to 4x zoom and delivered nice bokeh effect.

On the negative notes, Galaxy Note 9 was not consistent in measuring exposure. There was less sharpness in the photos with visible haloing and ghosting. Camera couldn’t gain fine detail in most dark or most bright parts of the photo. Flash on the other hand was also not impressive with maintaining white balance from shot to shot

Video Performance

Like in photos, the autofocus was praised in videos as well as object tracking was also good. Colors were bright and vivid and the exposure was accurate which shifts quickly while moving around. Detail was fine and noise levels were low in bright light. Stabilization was also at the positive side when tested.

Galaxy Note 9 mostly struggled in low-light conditions while recording videos. Loss of detail, chroma and luminance noise issue were present in low-light. However the outdoor shooting occasionally introduced aliasing.

For more detailed review and sample shots tested, check the source link below.

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