Apple iPhone XS Max also failed to beat the “Juggernaut” Huawei P20 Pro Camera – DxOMark’s List


Apple’s latest and most premium smartphone yet – iPhone XS Max also has failed to score higher than Huawei P20 Pro’s triple-camera system on DxOMark’s recent camera ranking.

Last month, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 also had the same fate but the Apple fans should be excited that they have a better camera in their iPhone XS Max than the Galaxy Note 9 and sure the better display too. But to beat P20 Pro’s camera, they might have to wait for an improved software algorithms to be shipped via OTA until the next iPhone appears. You also have to consider that Huawei’s next flagship Mate 20 is just on the horizon.

Receiving the overall score of 105, Apple iPhone XS Max stands at the second position on the DxOMark camera smartphone ranking, while the P20 Pro maintains its top position with 109 overall score. The Note 9 shares the third place with HTC U12+ obtaining the 103 mark. It’s worth mentioning here that Huawei’s P20 Pro has been enjoying the first place for quite a few months since earlier this year.

iPhone XS Max Camera Review by DxOMark
iPhone XS Max Camera Review by DxOMark – Screengrab from DxOMark’s webpage linked in the source

Still Photos Performance

With respect to still camera shots, DxOMark has noted that iPhone XS Max is capable of locking on good target exposure. The dynamic range is also appreciated for both in bright light and indoor conditions. The camera can capture good detail in all conditions while delivers vivid and pleasant colors in most situations. iPhone XS Max isolates the subject impressively and produces pleasant spotlight effect in bokeh mode.

On the negative side, iPhone XS Max was not good with flash as it oftenly delivered underexposed still shots. High-contrast scenes were prone to luminance noise, more noticeable in lower light and the shadow areas of the shot. Expectedly, zoom shots lacked the the detail with introduction of coarse luminance noise.

iPhone XS Max Camera Shot DxOMark
iPhone XS Max – High-contrast camera shot / DxOMark
iPhone XS Max Camera Shot DxOMark
iPhone XS Max – Night shot / DxOMark

Video Performance

Like in photos, iPhone XS Max delivered good dynamic range. The phone is fast with autofocus in video recording as well. Image detail was good in outdoor conditions and the stabilization was also commendable.

However, the white balance was not stable occasionally when recording videos indoors. Luminance noise on the other hand was also visible in low light recording.

For more detailed review and sample shots, check the source link below.

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