Huawei Mate 20 Pro DxOMark score not announced for being too high

Mate 20 Pro DxOMark

Finally you’ll know why Huawei’s latest flagship Mate 20 Pro boasting triple-camera system has not received the camera ranking from the camera experts – DxOMark.

Huawei launched its latest flagship Mate 20 series in London on October 16th with probably the best camera yet. The company claimed it’s even better than already top camera smartphone P20 Pro. They launched the Mate 20 series in Dubai later and then followed by the launch in home country, China.

The trend is now common that DxOMark reviews the flagships for its camera and the company announces the scores right during the launch event. Huawei has also used DxOmark’s scores to present its high-end camera during its flagship launches previously. But this year Huawei left the industry wondering without announcing anything like that on the event or later in following days.

Huawei has finally revealed that the company intentionally kept from releasing the DxOMark’s camera scores for Mate 20 series smartphones. It claims that the Mate 20 Pro’s camera scores were extremely high that the company didn’t feel good to release the numbers to public.

You would say that it’s too cute for the company that it didn’t disclose something which is good. But if you look closely, the company’s P20 Pro is already standing on top of the chart. That could be the most probable reason, the company didn’t want to break its own record right away.

There is also another possible reason that Huawei would want to see if and how other flagships would beat the P20 Pro’s benchmark. It’s worth noting here that DxOMark has still not released the Google Pixel 3’s camera scores. It’s logical to say the company would want to wait for it. Or if you go by the rumors and leaks reporting the Mate 20 Pro may have received a score over 116, Huawei may wait further until Samsung launches its Galaxy S10 flagship next year but it will be too late.

Huawei has undoubtedly set a benchmark with its P20 Pro’s camera earlier this year and the smartphone is still beating the latest smartphones released later in the year, including Galaxy Note 9 and Apple’s iPhone XS Max. It won’t be a surprise the Mate 20 Pro takes a good lead from its own family member.

Currently DxOMark’s leaderboard is listing Huawei P20 Pro on top with 109 overall score, followed by iPhone XS Max on the second place with the score of 105. Third place is shared with the score of 103 by HTC U12+, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

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