PTA unbans PUBG – The authority is happy with company’s positive engagement

PUBG Ban in Pakistan

Fawad Choudhry says it’s “sane” to end the ban on the online game

PTA – the top authority for telecommunication and the watchdog for internet in Pakistan had decided to lift the ban on the battle royale game PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground, after having a positive discussion with Proxima Beta – the data controller for the game services within Tencent group.

The authority, in a press release, said that it had a meeting with the legal representatives of the company behind the online game. PTA said that the representatives briefed on the concerns raised by the authority to prevent misuse of the gaming platform.

It seems that PTA is satisfied with the measures adopted by Proxima Beta so far and emphasized on continued engagement and a comprehensive control mechanism.

The press release added that the company’s reps welcomed PTA’s feedback on the issue and assured that its concerns would be taken into account. The company also urged the authority to lift the ban on PUBG in the country.

While wrapping up the press release, PTA acknowledged the company’s positive engagement and response and announced to unban the game.

“Keeping in view the positive engagement and response of the company, PTA has decided to unban PUBG,” it added.

Fawad Chaudhry, the minister for science and technology, said in a tweet that the decision to ending the ban is sane

PTA, on July 1st, 2020, banned the most popular online game, PUBG, leaving the community shocked in Pakistan. The reason was told as received complaints about it being addictive, waste of time. The authority also added that the game can impact on children negatively, having noted two suicide cases as well.

Following multiple hearings, Islamabad High Court ordered PTA to lift the ban immediately. However, the authority later refused to review its decision and announced the ban on the game will remain in place. The authority said it was necessary to block the PUBG game in the country for the public order.

Finally, a month-long saga ends up with leaving the gaming community excited as well as disappointing some households and parents. What do you think about this whole story? What do you think about the ban and unban of the game? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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