Swype keyboard in Nokia N9: How to Activate or Deactivate


Well the big software update PR1.1 for Nokia N9 has been rolled and still reaching globally, in which a bunch of new features have been added as well as a few fixes were made. Swype is one of the major additions in PR1.1 software update that actually adds most popular keyboard type into Nokia N9 in addition to its already finished on-screen stock keyboard.

How to turn on/off Swype keyboard

Here when I’ve updated to PR1.1, I found a little glitch over switching from N9’s on-screen keyboard to Swype keyboard and vice versa, because there is no option to switch right from the on-screen keyboard like it’s in Android or Symbian devices. But it was not that hard to reach the settings because most of the settings in Nokia N9 are configured independently of the applications by going through the Settings from Home view Applications Grid.

And if you were like me then you might also have the same issue about turning it on or off the very first time. So I better thought to write about it. Here you go with the following screen shots and their explanation below.

  • Left screen above with Swype settings can easily be populated from the keyboard by long-tapping the Swype key on bottom-left corner of the keyboard where the Swype specific functions can be configured but Swype can not actually be turned off from these settings.
  • Middle screen on the other hand is serving the Text input settings which can be reached by going through Settings > Time and Language > Text Input. You just need to turn Swype option on or off to activate or deactivate it.
  • Right screen: Once the Swype option is turned on, an additional input method will be added into the input methods. You will need to select Swype in Active input method list.


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