Nokia 808 PureView Camera – Pictures & Video – Comparison with Nokia N8 & Samsung Galaxy SIII


Part 2: Nokia 808 PureView snaps a picture
really above any other smartphone

We’re working on the review of Nokia 808 PureView to bring it on as soon as possible but until then why not we do some photo comparison of Nokia 808 PureView’s 41 megapixels camera with other smartphones? Well we had the predecessor of itself, the Nokia N8 and the new Samsung Galaxy S III. So it’s quite a good and healthy comparison as we will be testing Nokia 808 PureView with Nokia N8 – previously claimed as world’s top camera phone until now. And the Samsung Galaxy S III – the newest from Samsung in Android market. We missed the HTC One to have along in the comparison as it got the dedicated imaging chip as well as the iPhone 4S that also came with the improved imaging capabilities including the camera hardware. Anyhow we’ll see if we could get those any time soon but for now checkout the shots in following pages and tell us what do you see in the difference.

Things to note:

The images are posted with cropped parts of pictures at 100% and merged horizontally or vertically in order as Nokia 808 PureView (1st), Nokia N8 (2nd) and Samsung Galaxy SIII (3rd). Also note that Nokia N8 didn’t have native 8MP support so we downscaled the maximum 12MP images from Nokia N8 to 8MP, to match the resolution from other devices. All pictures were shot with automatic settings of respective devices unless where specifically mentioned the settings.

We have paged down the article with following sections for your convenience.

  1. An Overview and Instructions
  2. Outdoor/Daylight, Partly Cloudy
  3. Outdoor/Daylight, Partly Cloudy 38 megapixels
  4. Indoor, No Flash
  5. Indoor, with Flash
  6. Zoom Test in Daylight & Night
  7. Video Comparison and Untouched Videos
  8. Nokia 808 PureView: Camera Shots Gallery


Checkout the following posts in section Nokia 808 PureView Review. This list will be updated once we publish more content/reviews about Nokia 808 PureView.

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