Nokia 808 PureView Camera – Pictures & Video – Comparison with Nokia N8 & Samsung Galaxy SIII



Daylight, Partly Cloudy

Very first picture as shown below can actually tell you the major difference that how 808 PureView stands out of others. Yes! it does. The picture shot with PureView camera is as clear as there is almost zero digital noise visible to the eyes, very nicely sharpened edges of the object as well as the directions and text on the board are also posing with clarity, changing colors from one object to the other. It’s one of the major qualities in Nokia 808 PureView camera that even in low light conditions, very less noise it will produce. Thanks to the 1/1.2″ large sensor, huge scale of the resolution and larger f/2.4 aperture


100% Cropped parts below. Click to enlarge.


(Full resolution shots – PureView, N8, SGS3)

The size of the object in 808 PureView’s shot is slightly smaller due to the distance change.

While you can easily see that SGSIII has got pretty much noise even in outdoors visible to the human eye. I have seen almost every OEM with Android always manipulating with camera shots to make it sharper and vivid. But the good thing with Nokia I always found is, it mostly produces normal colors without manipulating too much with the actual shots. In SGSIII shot above the burned edges of arrows inside the circle are very obvious due to over sharpening.

And the Nokia N8, that previously was supposed to be the best imaging smartphone is now showing the lack of the power what 808 PureView has. Even though N8 did perform better than Galaxy SIII with a quite less noise and a bit better and sharp edges, the noise on N8’s shot is actually visible with the eyes if put just besides the result of 808 PureView.

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