Nokia 808 PureView Camera – Pictures & Video – Comparison with Nokia N8 & Samsung Galaxy SIII



Video Comparison

We also got some time to shoot a video with these three devices. Please not that Nokia N8 only supports up to 720p while both the Nokia 808 PureView and Samsung Galaxy SIII support 1080p video recording. So we did record the video on their maximum capability and later downscaled them to 720p while post-editing. However the original uncut/untouched versions have also been published and listed after the comparison video below.

We tried to cover all the things in one video as the recording shows some footage from outdoors with sunny condition as well as indoors with low-light. So here we have our final video ready after cropping and stitching all the three videos in one.

The results from Nokia 808 PureView again amazed us with its capability of producing nice quality and keeping the promise to deliver great detail with no noise, most impressively in low-light conditions whether you are taking stills or recording a video. The continuous focus was pretty great and quick.

Samsung Galaxy SIII also produced some good but warm colors as it also did in photographs. It’s really not up to the level of what Nokia’s latest camera smartphone has produced. The bad thing we noticed that it’s over exposing the bright colors specially ‘white’ when suddenly going away from a darker room. Dynamic range was really not quite acceptable and continuous focus was also not impressive comparatively.

Nokia N8 on the other hand as was shooting natively at 720p, so couldn’t get that much sharper footage as the other did in 1080p. But it managed great while keeping up with colors and situation changes as well as continuous focus was comparatively better than Galaxy S III. Well at some places I liked the N8 getting focus more quickly than even 808 PureView e.g. when it was near the green sun block and the rope.

And the audio part is really needed to discus specially for Nokia’s Rich Recording in 808 PureView which really impressed us with nice audio while keeping the background noise far way as you would be able to hear my footsteps clearly instead of the background noise which were literally present in both of the other devices but Nokia N8 also did better job in recording the audio for listening with less noise than Samsung Galaxy S III.

Uncut/Untouched Videos

Nokia 808 PureView – 1080p at 30fps

Samsung Galaxy S III – 1080p at 30fps

Nokia N8 – 720p at 30fps

We also have another video shot with Nokia 808 PureView in a very cloudy weather to just enjoy but we missed a tripod as we ended up with a lot of handshake in the video. But just for that have a look at the video below.

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