The Effects of 3G and 4G Services on Pakistan Real Estate Sector


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Though the online portals had already taken over Pakistan realty sector greatly, with real estate agents as well as the people seeking properties for investment or living purpose browsing these portals yet much of the real estate business is still reliant on the local real estate agencies. However the recent launch of 3G and 4G mobile internet has brought a revolution to the real estate industry, making it possible for professionals as well as common people to interact completely online.

According to a recent survey, the 3G users in Pakistan have reached 10.3 million within less than a year and the count is rising significantly. This suggests that people may be completely buying/selling and renting properties in the palm of their hands by the end of 2015. The launch of mobile broadband in Pakistan has positively impacted real estate industry in Pakistan in the following ways.

Free Mobile Apps

The online real estate portals of Pakistan like and have already launched or are in the process of launching mobile apps for Androids, iOS and Blackberry to provide maximum convenience to all the people associated with the real estate industry in this part of the world. This has made it extremely convenient for every concerned person to stay in touch with the latest prices and offerings in the industry while they are on the go. The smartphone apps not only offer them complete property surveys in the palm of their hands but also come with notification features to allow people get notified about the latest property listings of their interest.


Online Buying Selling Renting Made Easy

Initially, many people were not inclined towards computers and laptops, which is why they preferred visiting local real estate advisors for buying, selling or renting properties however majority of them have become inclined towards smartphones in the modern day. The mobile broadband has made it possible for all these people to buy, sell and rent properties through their smartphones. It does not require them sparing time to switch on their computers or laptops; instead they just need picking their mobile phones and start browsing their favorite properties. Besides, the real estate investors intending to sell their properties can also list them directly by taking snaps on their smartphone cameras and uploading them straightway on the property portals. The buyers may contact sellers directly on the provided cell phone number or by leaving a private message through the portal.


No Hefty Commissions to Pay

With real estate investors no longer reliant on real estate agents, the profit margins have also increased because they need not paying a penny to the real estate agents. The sellers can directly list their properties on the leading real estate portals with thousands of potential customers visiting them every day and buyers can get in touch with them directly without involving any real estate agent. However, it is always a wise decision to hire the services of a real estate advisor and pay him fee for managing all the legal documentation for the safety of both parties, the buyer as well as the seller.

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