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Blips Microscope lenses for Smartphone go on pre-order, ships in Pakistan

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After having a full support of backers, the Blips microscope lenses are now available for pre-order in variations of bundle kits with laboratory items as well as items sold separately. Shipping to start in December.

Smart Micro Optics (short SMO) started crowd sourcing in May over at Kickstarter with Micro and Macro lens kits initially and later added an Ultra close up lens into another kit called Lab-Kit Ultra now making it the third kit after Basic-Kit and Lab-Kit. The Blips’s smartphone app was also introduced later which is not required to work with lens but provides dedicated and straight to the point functions for easy use with BLIPS lenses.

“Blips Micro lens can detect details of about 1/7000 inch (≈1/300 mm), distinguishing single cells or other inhabitants of the micro-world. [It] is less than 1/20 inch (~1.2mm) thick, and turns your phone into an actual digital microscope. You need to keep a distance of ¼ inch (6mm) between the lens and the sample under observation to discover tiny details at a high definition. With the use of the digital zoom it’s possible to achieve magnification of over 100x”

Technical Notes and Magnification Levels of Blips Lens

BLIPS Macro lens is extremely thin as approximately 0.5mm however the Micro lens is as thin as less than 1.2mm. The new Ultra lens is twice as powerful as Micro lens. The working distance is 12mm (or 1/2 inch).

BLIPS Macro lens can magnify about 8 to 15 times without the use of digital zoom feature on smartphone. BLIPS Micro can magnify 16 to 30 times optically where the Ultra lens is twice the capability of Micro lens.

BLIPS Kits and Prices

  • BLIPS Basic Kit – $29.90
    • 1 Micro lens
    • 1 Macro lens
    • 2 sponges
  • BLIPS Lab Kit – $59.90
    • 1 Basic Kit +
    • 1 Light Source
    • 1 Smartphone stage
    • 6 prepared slides
  • BLIPS Ultra Lab Kit – $69.90
    • 1 Lab Kit +
    • 1 additional Ultra closeup lens

Pre-Order and Expect Delivery in December

Blips Lenses are now available for pre-order online and worldwide shipment. You can head over to items page and place order accordingly. If you want to order from Pakistan you will pay only $6 – shipping cost for first item, additional items in your cart will cost added $1 each. Estimated delivery is December 2016.

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