Samsung Galaxy S8 launch delayed – may not arrive at MWC 2017

Samsung Feature

As reported earlier about the investigation of Note 7 which was completed a few days ago but Samsung had to announce it officially, Koh Dong-Jin – the mobile chief of the Korean tech giant has held a press conference to officially disclose what caused Galaxy Note 7 explode frequently.

After investigating for months, Samsung disclosed that faulty batteries from two vendors, which caused Note 7 explosions, wiped $5.3 billion off the company’s operating profit. In result, the chief indicated that due to enhanced and improved safety precautions, Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy S smartphone – definitely Galaxy S8, could be delayed.

“The lessons of this incident are deeply reflected in our culture and process,” The chief told the reporters. “Samsung Electronics will be working hard to regain consumer trust.”

So, unlike as expected and previously been a platform for Galaxy S smartphone launch, the Galaxy S8 is not coming out at the Mobile World Congress this year which is set to kick off on February 27th. The company has not revealed the exact date when they have plans to launch the next flagship.

According to reports previously appeared as well as analysts also believe the Galaxy S8 might be introduced in the month of April.

In addition, Samsung has recovered 3.06 million Note 7 devices from consumers which is 96% of the devices sold worldwide. While the chief said that the company has not decided about reusing the parts from recovered Note 7 devices or resell them, a person close to the matter told Reuters that it was indeed an option to resell Note 7 after refurbishing.

Future Safety Precautions

Samsung has said that it has already implemented eight-point battery check system that will help detecting any problems with the battery and avoid such incidents in the future. The whole procedure is being held responsible for any delay that may be caused in upcoming Samsung flagship smartphone.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 explosions have undoubtedly been one of the biggest turmoils of last year, which led the Korean giant end up with re-calling and halting production of its highest ranked flagship phone, after when the reports emerged that replacement units also keep exploding. A strict ban over carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices was imposed by airlines.

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