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Galaxy S8 likely to run on Exynos 9 – Samsung teases the new System-on-Chip

Like before Galaxy S8 my be powered by Snapdragon and Exynos chips based on regions

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The Korean technology giant revealed Exynos 8 Octa chipset later in 2015. The company then announced its flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 edge powered by that chip in 2016. Now there is a new chip Exynos 9 coming soon as teased by the company.

If follow it, this might as well be a teaser about the next Galaxy S8 to feature the new proprietary chipset. But wait; an improved version of Exynos 8 with 8895 was also in speculations to run the upcoming Galaxy S flagship. That is what you should strike through right now as Exynos 9 is next to feature in a Samsung flagship.

Well the teaser doesn’t hint anything about when and which devices will be running on the new Exynos 9 chip. But it indeed makes sense that the company won’t reveal a new chip “first” and a flagship smartphone “later” with an “old chip”.

If you are following the the leaks and speculations regarding the next Samsung flagship, you might have seen the phone to feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip instead. Well that’s no wonder at all as the company is well known to ship their flagship smartphones to run on various chipsets based on the regions.

Galaxy S8 Unofficial Renders
Galaxy S8 – Unofficial Rendering by @OnLeaks x @GearIndia

Likewise, we might expect a global version of Galaxy S8 to powered by the proprietary Exynos 9 chip while the Snapdragon chip may drive the US variant or may be a few other.

Looking closely at New “Exynos” chip “9”

If you look at the image, Samsung teased with on twitter, it still doesn’t reveal “Exynos 9” in one phrase. But you easily join the the big number “9” placed somewhere else with the “Exynos”. Second, there is no need to tease for just an improved version of a chip. So take it as Exynos 9, even if you want in a speculation but keep in mind about the earlier rumored Exynos 8895 which is very unlikely.

The month February is just about to enter in its third tens where the MWC is just around the corner. So just wait and watch if Samsung has something to reveal or they have plan to catch up a little bit later. But still you can expect Samsung to announce about its new chipset at MWC.

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