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Samsung reveals possible features of Galaxy S8 on its registration page

Superior camera, Premium design, Enhanced battery, Powerful gaming, and Enhanced VR Experience

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Samsung seems to be ready teasing about its next flagship Galaxy smartphone – at least on its Philippines’ website. Getting into the phase of leaks and rumors, Samsung itself has tried to list a few of the prominent features, you might see in the upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Listed to be one of the unique selling points as consumer may want to have them in their next smartphone, Samsung has asked on a pre-registration form. You can consider the Korean giant investing majorly on these features for their next flagship smartphone.

Features as listed in the featured image above are: a superior camera, a premium and stylish design, enhanced battery life, a powerful gaming performance and the enhanced virtual reality experience.

Sure these are the questions, the smartphone maker asked to consumers as what features they are looking for. You might say that Samsung has not clearly stated these features to be part of Galaxy S8, but hold on, why would a company would list a feature that they can’t give?

Compared to Galaxy S8 Leaks:

You can expect all of them to be in the next Galaxy smartphone – not exactly in the phone but in advertising campaigns for sure. Now when you compare this list to the leaks and the rumors we have gathered so far, we can’t say how an “enhanced battery life” would mean as most leaks suggested Galaxy S8 to have same battery capacity as Galaxy S7.

“Superior camera” on the other hand doesn’t satisfy exactly what we’d see in Galaxy S8 as what’s in the rumors is the similar single-camera 12MP as S7’s. A change in design can be justified with the leaked reference. “Powerful gaming” is not a big deal when the high-end chipsets (Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895) are the part of Galaxy S8. VR is something which has been the main feature of either of the said chipsets.

There are some features, been reported in rumors – like the company’s digital assistant Bixby, which are missing from the above list. You can take this list just as reference to just what the Korena smartphone maker is going to advertise the Galaxy S8.

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