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Galaxy S8 and S8+ are reported to be restarting randomly

Another day, Another problem for the Korean Smartphone Maker

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Some of the early buyers of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ are now reporting to have their devices restarting on random basis. The users are reporting about their issues at online communities like XDA developers and Samsung US community.

The reports started emerging last week on the forums and communities like above where users started their threads specifically stating that their Galaxy S8 smartphone was restarting itself. They were facing the issue since they bought the devices.

Right there in the thread users are also trying to give their advice where some report the microSD card being the culprit, some also experiencing the issue without the microSD card. Some users are also reporting that always-on display feature or the lock screen could be creating the issue as well as the power saving feature of the smartphone is also being reported for the issue.

If you are one of those early buyers of Samsung Galaxy S8, and are facing the same issue, you can try above advice or visit the communities to participate among other users facing the issue.

Galaxy S8 Unites Reportedly Facing Issues

It’s worth mentioning here that this issue is not the first after the device went on sale globally earlier this month. Previously, some users have reported red tint issue on their Galaxy S8’s display which has been one of the major marketing stuff for Samsung on its latest flagship – the Infinity Display.

Even though Samsung has shipped a software update claiming it would fix the display tint issue, it has not yet been confirmed if the software update actually fixed the red tint issue with the display. A user at XDA confirmed that the update brings some settings that could be tweaked to get the issue fixed.

How to report restarting issue?

Samsung has not yet responded about the random-restart problem with the Galaxy S8 but if you’re experiencing the issue, you may contact its Samsung in regard. Also let us know what you get to know.

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