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Nokia 3310 (2017) Unboxing and Review Pakistan

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Finally after so much hype around the world with receiving the mixture of negative and positive remarks, the remake of the legendary Nokia 3310 has been launched in Pakistan for Rs. 6,490/- or it’s available for some lower prices at different retail stores nationwide – here we have it for review.

If you are active online recently, you’d know that a fake or replica Nokia 3310 has been selling in around for a few weeks, in Pakistan as well. We listed some tips to avoid any possible scam but now we have an original unit of Nokia 3310.

If you have have previously owned the original Nokia 3310 years ago, I bet you are going to love this new Nokia 3310. But first thing first, it’s not going to replace any of your smartphone today. It doesn’t have a touch screen, no apps, no WiFi, no 4G/3G. What you get is only a GPRS/EDGE internet.

Nokia 3310 Unboxing


HMD chose to make a colorful package with a fold-in type box. Top side of the box prints the phone design mixed into colors and elements like jazz music, messaging and the most popular snake game. Nokia 3310 branding prints in a corner. On the side, the box prints some phone specific details such as phone model/name, color, IMEI, serial number etc. Parallel to the front side, there’s profile photo of Nokia 3310 in all available colors with some of the key features.

The box is sealed with a little plastic sticker printed Nokia on it. Cutting with a knife may be required to open it. Unfold the box and it will reveal the phone residing on top, wrapped into a simple plastic bag.

Inside the box, there’s a standard 5V/550mA charger and with 1200 mAh battery. Sure, there is a user guide as well and a warranty card.

Design and Components

The major design of this new Nokia 3310 is borrowed from the 2000-original Nokia 3310. However the new one has finer and sleeker outfit with beautifully crafted curved screen completely from one edge to another.

On the back of the phone, there is a 2 megapixel camera to complement today’s socialism, but I wonder if you’d be happy to share photos online with this Nokia 3310. Besides, it has an LED flash to support the camera in some low light.

Right there on the back, there is a loud speaker as well above the camera and LED flash. In the middle we have same “Nokia” branding.

Looking at the phone, it’s pretty much similar in design what you are familiar of from the old age. What additionally you can see, is the micro USB port on top of the phone that is there for charging and data transfer.

On the bottom of the phone, there is a 3.5 mm audio jack. The battery is removable hence the phone has a back cover which can be removed from a little hole at the bottom.

Pry off the back cover – you might need to use your muscle here and don’t be afraid of that. It’s little tough there, and that’s a nice thing as it won’t fall apart just by a little drop. But don’t be too aggressive while opening it.

In an improved form, the phone supports GPRS/EDGE connectivity over GSM 900/1800 MHz networks. Nokia 3310 comes with today’s most wanted dual-SIM slots as well as a microSD card slot which can support up to 32GB storage.

Around half an inch thick, the phone weighs just around 80 grams in small size of only 4.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide. Too nice to be in your hand, it’s cute as well – unlike the bulky and thicker old Nokia 3310 that weighed over 130 grams.

Screen is surrounded by a white frame with the main navigation key in the middle and a selection/power button on the right and another selection/call key on the left. The T9 keyboard is fully back-lit with the top functional keys.


The new Nokia 3310 comes with a pre-installed demo games by Gameloft but the modern Snake is full. You can play it as long as you would have played the classic snake game.

Nokia 3310 Modern Snake Game

Opera mini web browser is also pre-installed that you can use over GPRS/EDGE connection as the phone doesn’t have any faster data connection speed or even WiFi. The phone runs Series 30+ operating system means it can run older Java based apps and games. With all that you can read and post Facebook statuses but do not expect to watch YouTube videos online.

The phone’s 2MP camera can store photos in microSD card which you can move to computer by connecting via USB cable. The phone storage, however, can not be shared via USB cable. The photos are not worth sharing at today’s social media networks but showing your loyalty with the Nokia 3310 will be good to share online.


Nokia 3310 is the cheapest in Indian market, due to made-in-India units, costing only USD 51. The price in Pakistan – PKR. 6490 is more standing with global price of USD 65. It sure seems expensive in Pakistan to most people as they feel they could get some Android smartphone in that price.

Nokia 3310 Hands-on

Sure you won’t buy this phone as your one and only. Don’t think you can give it to your kids as a spare phone, they won’t buy it either. You’d better have this as your standby phone for long tour days. The battery life is superb as according to HMD, it can last up to a month in stand by while it can give you a 22 hours talk time.

Long lasting nostalgia is the key factor of this new Nokia 3310 that people may actually head towards buying it. The soul of the classic icon – the original Nokia 3310, will actually drag you to buy the slimmer and attractive build of itself. It’s actually worthy successor to the original Nokia 3310 of the year 2000. If you are one that usually want to have a second phone for basic functions like calling, texting, I’d recommend the new Nokia 3310 is there for you.

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