Samsung Galaxy S9 to launch on Feb 25th with a “Reimagined Camera”

Samsung Galaxy S9 launching Feb 25

Samsung has finally confirmed that it will be revealing its next smartphone – Galaxy S9, on February 25th. The company will announce the smartphone during a global launch event at Mobile World Congress starting later next month.

The Korean tech giant revealed the launch date in an invitation release which strictly focuses on camera. With the tag line “The Camera, reimagined”, the company wants you to know the next Galaxy is promised to bring some new stuff related to photography.

According to reports Galaxy S9 might be featuring new image sensor based on its ISOCELL Bright’s Tetracell technology. Samsung has already started promoting its image sensor on its website independently. However one can easily guess that the teaser about a “reimagined” camera in Galaxy S9 may be related to company’s new image sensor.

What’s about new ISOCELL Technologies by Samsung?

Samsung announced two of its new image sensors in October last year. An “ISOCELL Fast 2L9” with dual-pixel technology and an “ISOCELL Slim 2X7” with tetracell technology. The latter is the one you will be expecting to feature in Galaxy S9 – according to reports.

While there are reports that next Galaxy smartphone will feature a 12MP camera, the sensor in rumors actually has 24 million pixels. The sensor is based on tetracell technology which emerges four neighboring pixels to work as one. Despite having a pixel size of 0.9µm – which is the first sensor to feature below 1.0µm sized pixel, Samsung promises that it will deliver good results expected from a premium device.

Well, if it’s not the tetracell based image sensor, then it might be the 12MP “ISOCELL Fast 2L9”. This fast sensor, on the other hand has been reported to have a whopping 480fps support at 1080p video resolution. That sure will make the the Galaxy S9 capable to record super-slow-mo video footage in high-resolution.

Variable Aperture in Galaxy S9 Camera?

Other reports also suggest that the Galaxy S9 camera may feature a lens with variable aperture. Specifically the phone might be able to switch between f/1.5 (large) and f/2.4 (narrow) lens apertures. There is even more detail to check but for beginners, large aperture allows the camera to capture brighter picture. In addition it can increases the depth of field, decreases noise and allows the camera to use faster shutter speeds. That in turn saves from factors like camera-shake.

Galaxy S9 Launch Information and Live Stream

Samsung will announce the launch of Galaxy S9 during its Galaxy Unpacked celebration set at 6PM CET on February 25, 2018 at Mobile World Congress. You will be able to watch live streaming of the event at your local time.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Launch Local Time

  • 06:00 PM CET – Central European Time
  • 10:00 PM PKT – Pakistan Standard Time
  • 05:00 PM GMT – United Kingdom
  • 09:00 AM PT – Pacific Time
  • 12:00 PM ET – Eastern Time, Washington USA.
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