Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S9 [Infographic]

Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S9

Samsung has recently launched its new Galaxy devices S9 and S9+. Where almost everything visually matches the predecessor S8 and S8+, there are differences inside.

Samsung has put together both the devices side by side in an infographic to show you the in-depth changes and upgrades the company has made into the new Galaxy S9. It’s not just the cameras but many components inside have improved and upgrade versions and capability.

Sure the application processor is newer and so is the components attached to it. Where the new Galaxy devices are a bit heavier and thicker, they are less taller than the predecessors.

MicroSD card support is extended up to 400GB cards. Audio is improved with speakers from AKG by Harman and supported by Dolby Atmos technology.

The cameras you already know how they have upgraded from the predecessors. Checkout the infographic below for more side by side differences.

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