Following Note 7 Incidents, Samsung forms Battery Advisory Group of external advisers


Samsung has officially announced about the cause of Galaxy Note 7 failures holding two battery suppliers as responsible as well ruling out the company’s hardware and software from being the reason behind the exploding incidents.

Following months-long investigation where Samsung has discovered the reason behind its flagship phone failure, the company has now taken precautions to avoid such incidents in future.

Along with the announcement of investigation reports, Samsung also announced that it has developed strict quality assurance protocols across its development process in an effort to renew its commitment to safety. The new and enhanced safety measures include eight-point battery safety check, multi-layer safety measures, and most importantly a the company has formed a battery advisory group of external advisers.

The Battery Advisory Group is made up of external academic and research experts including “Clare Grey, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, University of Cambridge; Gerbrand Ceder, Ph.D., Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley; Yi Cui, Ph.D., Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University; and Toru Amazutsumi, Ph.D., CEO, Amaz Techno-consultant.”. The experts will help company maintain a clear and objective perspective on battery safety.

The Eight-point Battery Safety Check procedure takes care of the safety from component level to the assembly as well as shipment of devices. These are Durability Test, Visual Inspection, X-Ray Test, Disassembling Test and △OCT Test, Charge and Discharge Test, TVOC Test and Accelerated Usage Test.

With the new set of precautions and arrangements, Samsung hopes to see improvements in the safety of Li-Ion batteries. Samsung also stated that it will “actively share the lessons learned to contribute toward improved safety standards among the industry.”

Video – Samsung’s New and Enhanced Quality Assurance Measures for Product Safety
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